Off the Shelf unveil a special commission to mark Moon Landing

Off the Shelf unveil a special commission to mark Moon Landing

03 October 2019

Off the Shelf Festival of Words 2019 is set to unveil a special commission inspired by the 50th anniversary of the Moon Landing. Written by Nat Loftus and artist Miriam Stayte, ‘Moon, Landing’  will be an animated poem to be read in ‘phases’ like the moon, which will be streamed online.

See its first transmission as it launches on multiple screens simultaneously across Sheffield on Monday 7 October from 11am- 1pm in a ‘TV Takeover’ event reminiscent of people everywhere tuning into the televised Moon Landing in 1969. 

Participants include The Moor Digi Screen; The Park Hill Shop (front window), 26 Pinstone Street; John Lewis TV department; the University of Sheffield Student’s Union digi screen on Western Bank; Sheffield Hallam University, Owen Building screen and online on the OTS website

 Nat Loftus' idea for a phasing poem emerged from a desire to combine multiple voices into one, exploring themes of unity and separation, communication and constancy.

She explains: “There are three connecting phases to the poem; the ‘full moon’ and its two ‘crescent’ phases either side. The crescent phases are from the perspective of the Earth, whilst the full moon phase is from that of the Moon; a heartbroken Moon who dreams of returning to where she came from." Miriam Stayte has created subtly moving images that evoke the moon's presence and influence through the ebb and flow of the tides as well as its changing light. She says: "I wanted the visuals to complement the text rather than illustrate it. The video is three minutes long and loops indefinitely, setting up a rhythm that echoes the moon's cycles. I hope that people will watch again and again, noticing different things each time."

Nat and Miriam will also take part in the panel talk ‘Beyond the Moon’ at the Millennium Galleries at 5.45 on the 7th October, discussing space exploration and humanity’s philosophical relationship with the moon alongside astrophysicist Dr Katherine Inskip and sci-fi author Temi Oh.

'Moon, Landing' and the 'Beyond the Moon' talk have been kindly supported by the Institute of Physics.

Off the Shelf is the only UK literary festival curated by two universities - the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University, and is one of the largest literary festivals in the UK. The festival is proud to present a jam-packed programme of over 150 events featuring some of the best names in fiction and non-fiction, poetry, politics, journalism, music, history and science.

2019 marks the 28th edition of the festival that this year travels beyond Sheffield into Barnsley, Rotherham and Doncaster.

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