Sheffield Precision Medical - Graduate Case Study

Name: Stephen Robinson
Age: 27
University attended: Loughborough University
Degree: Product Design and Manufacture
Position: Design and Manufacturing Engineer

How long have you worked at Sheffield Precision Medical for? I’ve worked at Sheffield Precision Medical for 18 months.

Why did you want to work at Sheffield Precision Medical? The company does the things that I like to do essentially! It doesn’t just focus on design but it designs for manufacturing purposes!

What do you think are the benefits of working in a small business? You get great access to key people and opportunities when working in a smaller business. I have had access to virtually everything in the company in a very short period of time! You can also move more quickly within a smaller business. You get decisions made more quickly when you need them, and develop closer relationships with senior people at the company.

What do you think you have added to the business? I would like to think that I’ve added a bit of panache to the business in all honesty! I’ve brought different perspectives and experiences to the company from my background and education. I think I’ve also brought some much needed additional skills to the business, such as research and report writing skills.

What was the biggest surprise? The biggest surprise for me has been the quick progression I have made within the company! I’ve risen quickly, and been given some great opportunities to develop a comprehensive understanding of the entire company. I started off on the shop floor learning about the manufacturing of our products and spent time on the design side of things doing CAD/CAM. I’ve become more involved in design and projects recently, and am starting to get involved in the business side of things too!

What has been the biggest challenge for you since working at Sheffield Precision Medical? The biggest challenge has been the pressure of needing to have a physical product at the end of the process!

How do you think this position has helped your future career prospects? My career prospects at the company are excellent. Going forward, I would like to think I will get even greater access to opportunities on both the operational and strategic aspects of the business!