A placement is a period of work experience often done as part of a degree, usually in the 2nd or 3rd year of study. It usually lasts for a year starting between July and September, but this can vary. Most students do some university work alongside their placement such as writing up a project from their time with you.

Student placements offer you a flexible, cost-effective way to bring graduate level skills and talent into your business. Many organisations go on to offer jobs to students who undertake a placement with them, calling a placement ‘the best interview in the world!’

You can find out more about placements with the Universities by talking to:

University of Sheffield Sheffield Hallam University

Tracey Hill
Employer Relationship Manager 
Careers Service
T: 0114 222 0917


Simon Thompson
Head of Employer Engagement
Careers & Employment
T: 0114 225 5555



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