Yoomee - Business Case Study


Name: Nicola Mayer
Company: Yoomee Digital Ltd
Position: Director
Company background: Established late in 2004, Yoomee’s a specialist Agile web agency which develops online community platforms and apps for social good. It works with organisations wanting to make the world a better place, including charities, social enterprises, and public sector and education. Clients include Mind, Amnesty International and Sheffield Children’s Hospital Charity.

Why did you choose to employ a graduate at your company?  Graduates fresh out of university bring with them a huge amount of enthusiasm and openness to new ideas, which more mature employees may perhaps lack. They’re keen to learn how a business works and learn new skills and respond to challenges too.

How did you recruit Matt into the business? Matt started as a summer intern. He subsequently worked during university holidays, so that by the time he graduated we knew him far better than we would somebody we might recruit from cold. Hence we knew he fitted in with the rest of our team and into our company culture too.

What do you think Matt has added to the business? Matt is a very talented programmer and the speed at which he picks up and learns new things is a great boon to our company. When we started to develop iPhone apps he was a real asset.

Would you look to employ a graduate again?

Yes we definitely would! Getting to know students through internships and helping to nurture their skills is defintely our preferred way of recruiting.

How did the company support Matt to settle in? Matt obviously had a head start as he had been part of our company as an intern. So after a fairly standard induction programme, Matt benefitted from regular one-to-ones, being involved with ‘pair programming’ whereby two programmers sit together and work on the same code. We also hope our informal, friendly work environment helped to make him feel quickly at home.

Has there been anything challenging in employing graduates? Graduates are massively keen to learn new things and take on new challenges, which is why we love them. But at times it’s hard for them to balance this desire against the more routine demands made on us by our clients.

What additional support would you like to attract more graduates? We want to take on more good interns. However, it’s often difficult to find interns of a suitable calibre from local universities. Anything that helps ease this supply and demand issue with this would be fantastic!