Team Cooper - Business Case Study

Name: Tim Cooper
Company: Team Cooper
Position: Managing Director
Company background: We build ‘digital amusements’ such as online games and Facebook applications for a wide range of broadcasters and brands. Clients include the BBC, Nickelodeon and BSkyB. The company was founded in 2006 and has nine employees. We are currently hiring for our tenth.

Why do you choose to employ graduates at your company? We employ graduates as we find that they are cost effective and we enjoy the process that we go through in training graduates to become technical staff. We also find that training graduates helps us to critically question our own thought processes which in turn helps to make our processes more efficient and effective.

How do you recruit graduates into the business? We recruit graduates through a variety of different means. We have posted vacancies on our own website. We’ve also recruited in the past through university careers services and via word of mouth.

What do you think graduates have added to the business? They’ve brought with them different opinions, which has been extremely useful when we have been working with a diverse range of brands. They’ve also helped to keep the company young and therefore in-tune with the work that we do.

Would you continue to look to employ graduates? Yes, we definitely would.

How did the company support Kieran to settle in? We are a tight knit team at Team Cooper so it doesn’t take long for new staff to get to know everyone. As team members quite often have to move from project to project, with each project often running concurrently, this helps to integrate new people into the team. Also, we have an informal working environment with good office banter which helped Kieran to settle in quickly!

Have there been any challenges in employing graduates? The main challenge lies in knowing when to let our graduates off the leash! Given their enthusiasm and drive, we need to make sure they have received enough training and support to undertake development tasks to a high standard.