Sheffield Precision Medical - Business Case Study

Name: Brian Reece
Company: Sheffield Precision Medical
Position: Managing Director
Company background: Manufacture bespoke surgical instruments

Why do you choose to employ graduates at your company? We employ graduates as we are constantly focused on the future. And graduates are very much the future of this company with emerging technologies! We also find that graduates are very keen and are savvy with the latest technologies.

How do you recruit graduates into the business? We find that recruiting good graduates into the business is the really difficult bit! We often find it very difficult to communicate effectively with universities so we often recruit graduates into the company via word of mouth.

What do you think Stephen has added to the business? Stephen has added a great deal of professionalism and confidence into the company in a very short period of time. Because of the quality training he has received at university Stephen has added a great deal to the business.

Would you continue to look to employ graduates? Yes we would definitely look to appoint other graduates in the future!

How did the company support Stephen to settle in? I think Stephen found it a bit of a cultural shock at first! Stephen had gained lots of theoretical experience at university but not a great deal of practical experience. So to help him gain this we put Stephen on the shop floor, at the front end of the business, for his first 6 months. This gave him the opportunity to interact with colleagues on the shop floor and to gain a much deeper understanding and knowledge of the complete design to manufacture process that we go through to meet our client’s requirements.

Have there been any challenges in employing graduates? The challenge has always been with their transition from a study environment to a more practical, work-based environment. This requires a different drive mechanism as the business faces tighter and tighter pressures in terms of work deadlines.

What additional support would you like to attract even more graduates? Improved communication from the universities would be very helpful. If we had prompt communication from them, an indication of the number of students available, and the right streams of communication to the right industries this would result in a lot of demand for graduates from local employers!