The Children’s Hospital Charity - Business Case Study

Name: David Vernon-Edwards
Company: The Children’s Hospital Charity
Position: Director
Company background: We raise as much money as possible to enhance The Children’s Hospital in Sheffield in its service to sick children who come to it from all over the UK. Charity started in 1976, and currently has 18 employees.

Why do you choose to employ graduates at your organisation? Graduates have a key skill sets as well as great determination. They add a lot of value to what we as an organisation are trying to achieve. Graduates also bring with them a great breadth of educational and general life experiences that are of huge benefit to our organisation.

How did you recruit Bethany into the organisation? We recruited Bethany through a normal graduate route via direct advertising. We were looking for someone who had a strategic view and a strong organisational vision and Bethany possessed both of these.

What do you think Bethany has added to the organisation? Bethany has added a huge amount to the organisation. She has great attention to detail and sees the wider picture. Her personal attitude and ethics are very much in line with how we function as an organisation.

Would you continue to look to employ graduates? Yes we definitely would look to continue to employ graduates in the future.

How did the organisation support Bethany to settle in? We supported Bethany by having a comprehensive induction process in place and through close mentoring and managing. We also ensure that the working environment here is an open one where people are free to question and offer constructive criticism.

What additional support would you like to attract even more graduates? It is often very hard for us to be visible to the right talent as a smaller organisation. Anything that helps us to compete with a bigger talent pool would be of real benefit to us.