BHP Chartered Accountants - Business Case Study

Name: Lisa Leighton
Company: BHP Chartered Accountants
Position: Partner

Company background: Barber, Harrison and Platt is a chartered accountants with offices throughout Yorkshire.

What has your experience with RISE Sheffield been like? Outstanding.  The service of the RISE team has been second to none.  Added value throughout the whole process.

Did you have any experience of recruiting graduates before your RISE intern? Yes

What do you think Emma has added to the business? Emma has taken a specific project which would have taken us years to do.  She has challenged us along the way and provided solutions - she is certainly a problem solver and we would love to retain her to develop her career.

Have you noticed any specific benefits from employing graduates? Yes.  They bring fresh ideas particularly with regards to solving problems using IT.

And any hurdles you’ve had to overcome? Making sure I have been able to give enough time to Emma to support her in progressing the project.

Do you have any advice for SMEs thinking of taking on a graduate for the first time? Be open-minded to embrace their ideas and provide enough support to help them develop the project.